• If you’re looking for something new and different for an INSET day, why not invite us in for a history focused session based around the KS2 Anglo Saxons and Vikings requirement?

    We can offer anything from demonstration activities to curriculum advice to teambuilding exercises on a historical theme.  We can turn your classroom into a longhouse! We can throw your teachers in the deep end and have them remember what it’s like to learn new skills from scratch.  

    Teachers really saw the benefits of having external experts in the classroom as well as being able to see the level of support a theme day gives teachers in developing lesson plans.

    — University of Derby
  • Team building examples

    • Light a fire with flint and steel, cook a meal
    • Produce an Anglo Saxon clay pot
    • Make ink from scratch, write a manuscript
    • Storytelling: legends from Viking times
    • Spin and weave wool to make fabric
    • Grind flour, make bread, churn butter
    • Learn battle formations and stategies
  • Curriculum examples

    • Society and citizenship through history
    • Diversity and equality
    • Timelines and the concept of time
    • Creative development through art & literature
    • Codebreaking and foreign languages
    • Research and sources
    • Using external visitors
  • Activity examples

    • Drama: myths & legends
    • PE: Viking Games & sports
    • How do we know about...?
    • Archaeological methods
    • Make your own museum
    • Literacy and numeracy in Viking times
    • Trade and economics
    • Geography and travel
  • For more information, or to discuss your requirements

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