The Nine Realms Interactive Map
How did the Vikings see the universe? They believed that there were nine realms, each of which had its own particular (and sometimes peculiar) inhabitants! Explore the interactive image for more details about Ygdrassil the World Tree and the Nine Worlds.

Dark Age (Early Medieval) Timeline
All the important milestones from the end of the Romano-British era to the end of the Anglo Saxon/Viking Age in 1066.

The Animated Bayeux Tapestry! by Potion Pictures. From Harold’s “betrayal” to William’s victory, the Bayeux Tapestry animated for easy explanation.

Helmets and Shields
Making the visit a dressing up day? Here you’ll find suggested patterns and instructions to help make helmets and shields in advance of the visit.

Costume Ideas
Ideas for cheap and simple authentic Viking and Saxon costume.

Viking Names
A fun exercise to do with children – create your own Viking name. Includes worksheets for KS1 and KS2.

Britain’s Settlement by Anglo Saxons and Scots
The Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England
Teachers’ run down of the important points and chronology of this period in English History, as laid out in the National Curriculum.

Did Vikings Have Horns On Their Helmets?
Click here to find out how and why the common misconception of Viking horned helmets came to be!

Documentation for your school visit including CRB/DBS numbers, insurance schedules etc.