Viking Workshop

    • “I tried to imagine myself a long time ago, in the lands where these stories were first told, during the long winter nights perhaps, under the glow of the northern lights,”

      Neil Gaiman, author of "Norse Mythology"
  • Thank you for a super day yesterday. The children (and us adults!) thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we got so much from the whole day!

    — Eye Primary, Peterborough
  • The Vikings burst from seemingly nowhere in 793AD and changed the face of Europe.  Their raids caused previously warring small Kingdoms to band together to defend themselves, setting in motion the forces that would eventually birth the nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    They raided, invaded and settled the most far flung corners of the known world, from the Middle East to Greenland. They discovered North America five hundred years before Columbus and founded what would become Russia.  Their myths and sagas live on in popular culture and their influence can be seen everywhere from Lord of the Rings to the Marvel universe.

    Their technology allowed them to rule the seas for almost three hundred years, yet where they settled they often quickly integrated into local society, changing their language and even religion to suit.  This didn’t stop their language and culture leaving an indelible imprint on their new homelands – even today we have over six hundred words in English that have Old Norse roots: words such as happy, slaughter, husband, and law, to name but a few!

    Some of the topics we can cover:

    • Who were the Vikings and where were they from?
    • Time line
    • Daily life including food and clothing
    • Money and trade
    • War and Conquest
    • The Gods: Religion and Mythology
    • Entertainment
    • Crafts and skills
    • Writing and the Runes
    • Names – people and places
    • Life and Death - A Viking burial
  • Structure of the day

    The days are run on a modular basis with the possibility of covering around 6 – 10 topics in a day, depending on how in-depth you would like each activity to be.  Each module has a hands-on element to keep the children engaged – we try to avoid too much “standing at the front and talking”.

    We work around your existing timetable for minimum distruption.  Factors such as the size of the group, the key-stage, the available space, and any behavioural issues will help us decide how to organise the day.  We can often take groups of up to 90 for the whole day as our activities are designed to keep both small and large groups occupied.  Sometimes it may be better suited to split the group into two and do two sessions, morning and afternoon.  We prefer not to take more than 60 children per half day so as not to slow down the activities such as handling artefacts and trying on helmets. 

    For KS1, or if you have a high number of SEN/SBN children within the group it is advisable to keep the group numbers as low as possible to allow additional time for exploration of objects and to help with concentration.

    We try to make sure that no single activity runs for more than 45 mins to keep concentration levels high.  Within activities there are often several parts so that children are not expected to be sitting still for more than 15 mins at a time.

    Activities are designed to develop an understanding of concepts such as chronology; culture; historical enquiry; beliefs, morals and ethics, and can tie in to other areas of the curriculum.  We also schedule discussion/question time to encourage investigation and questioning skills.


  • Unlike some other companies, we quote the total amount you will pay inclusive of insurances, travel costs, equipment/materials, display items etc. for the whole group; there will be no unexpected costs!

  • Save yourself the expense and logistical nightmare of going on a trip: bring a Viking into your school for a fraction of the cost of a day out.  The children will get to handle authentic replica artefacts, hold real (blunt!) weapons and try on armour. They can take part in role play, find out about the life of a Viking, learn about culture, society and status, play physical and mental games, discover how we learn about the past, and be fully engaged for the entire duration of the workshop.

    A workshop is simpler, cheaper and more interactive than a museum visit.  And the best part is that you won’t lose any children in the gift shop!

  • What you can expect from us

    • Professional, authentically dressed expert visitors with extensive knowledge of the Viking age.
    • Interactive, hands-on activities and a fun presentation style.
    • Activities to suit your focus, whether a general overview of the times or a specific area of study.
    • Capacity for up to 90 children in one day, or multi-day visits for larger groups.
    • Reliability: we strive to provide excellent, reliable service to our customers and have back-up visitors should disaster strike.
    • Pre-visit consultation to ensure the day runs smoothly and in accordance to your needs.
    • A timetable agreed in advance of the day.
    • Full risk assessments provided for all activities.
    • Public and Employers Liability Insurance up to £5 million.
    • Compliance with school regulations.
    • All lead visitors are DBS checked.  Occasionally we may bring a trainee or assistant who is not yet checked (this is legal and within Ofsted requirements).  Schools are advised to check at the time of booking if this will be against school-specific policy.
    • Invoice in the company name for easy admin.
  • What we need from you

    • A named contact with whom we can have pre-visit communication to establish your requirements.
    • Space: having a hall available for most of the day is ideal, but we can work around assemblies, lunch set-up etc.  If weather is good we can take some activities outside but it's best to plan for all possibilities! 
    • Enough adults to help with supervision of the children.  We would not expect to be left in sole charge of the group at any time.
    • A parking space!  It is also useful if we can get as close to the building as possible as we bring heavy and often cumbersome artefacts that will need to be unloaded.
    • Some tables and space to set up our display.
    • Somewhere to get changed into costume.
    • Somewhere secure to store artefacts if we are required to leave them at e.g. lunchtime.
    • Tea/coffee (the MOST important requirement)!
  • For more information or to discuss your requirements

    Email us on